Breaking the Silence: Domestic Violence in the South Asian-American Community
Breaking the Silence is a multidisciplinary anthology that brings together the voices of community activists, scholars, artists, and survivors to discuss the realities and effects of domestic violence on America's South Asian community.

Breaking the Silence has been called “a welcome addition to the literature on domestic violence” and an “invaluable resource for the South-Asian American community.” It has been profiled in resource bibliographies by organizations, including the Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence; Michigan Resource Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence; An Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection (aardvarc.org); Oregon State Victim Assistance Academy; National Issues Forums Institute; Domestic Abuse Women’s Network (dawnonline.org); and California Alliance Against Domestic Violence. Several institutes of higher learning, including the University of Maryland and Duke University, have also used Breaking the Silence in women studies and social work courses.

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Moments with a Master
Amid personal difficulties, a freelance writer from the United States travels to India, where her interviews with renowned spiritual teacher Dada J.P. Vaswani develop into an enlightening experience that helps her to confront her struggles.

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